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Mar 222010

“Glow in the dark” Flooring astounds Cevisama Trade Fair



“TAU Advanced astonishes the Cevisama Trade Fair with its Afterdark project, the first intelligent, photo-luminescent and highly resistant ceramic material designed for architecture, urban development and avant-garde interior design projects…

…Imagine a new space for each moment. New scenery per minute. Dream of a different room, based on the light that it has received. Witness a unique experience as you watch how your façade reveals its own sunset, slowly fading from a shining radiance into a slow relaxing twilight. Or imagine how relaxing it would be if the ceramic floor tiles which cover a metro station were capable of illuminating the premises in the midst of a blackout, making it possible to see in the darkness and comfortably guiding the users safely towards the exit.

Afterdark is all the above and more, it is the first intelligent photo-luminescent, highly resistant and 100% ceramic tile. This means it is a new concept which adds new functions to traditional ceramic materials from both a practical and aesthetic perspective. Afterdark is a project developed by TAU Advanced…

…Consequently, TAU Advanced has recruited a multi-disciplinary team of experts, capable of applying the cutting-edge progress in the scope of optics to create this intelligent ceramic tile. Likewise, we highlight that the pigments used to achieve this photo-luminescent effect clearly represent a total revolution, since its composition and application in the material are harmless for the environment…”

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